Taken While Tripping in Preston, UK

Taken while tripping in Preston, UK

Long Haired Child
Poor quality Image, sorry about that…Just an little experiment with water and geometry.

Poor quality Image, sorry about that…

Just an little experiment with water and geometry.

The Trivialisation of Art

A discussion between myself and Adam Jones, an artist, writer and Literature student, Adam and I have attempted to convey a theory we have both been developing for the better part of our artistic lives working together.

Examining the state of art in all media today we aim to bring to light a shared feeling of discomfort towards, and ideas on the “lowering of philosophical standards”, we can see in the artistic culture today.

Giffs created for Re- Blast 2014


Time Lapse Drawing of Fruit - Paul Stobbs Artwork



My latest project, this YouTube Channel was created for the purpose of mixing up the Conspiracy Culture a little bit by voicing a few of my own philosophies on the matter. Do know that I have intentionally mimicked the over-sensationalized, cheap, stereotype style of most YouTube conspiracy videos, and there will be a running commentary on this throughout the series. Because, I feel that it is in fact these videos on YouTube that are the real problem with the culture, and why no one takes the information they share seriously.

Follow me as I present my theory on why most conspiracy is so hard to believe, despite the piling evidence that some are in fact, very real.